Nigeria So Rich So Poor with Faceless Giants

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I have seen many faces of corruption through the lenses of children in the last 6 years; our team and other stakeholders have watched our nation’s decadence; captured by children, tween and teenagers between the ages of 8 and 14 years on water colour papers.

The process of expression begins with a theme, set and communicated to schools, Participants address this theme through a poem, essay or short story of fixed length.  Those who scale through interview stage will then be invited to a painting studio, provided with brush, paint and easel and set to illustrate their literary presentation in the sister medium of -  Painting. The paintings were completed within 4-6 hours before live audience, they watched in astonishment as the young painters poured their hearts through pencils, water colour, crayons and pastels on water colour papers!


The purpose of this is to stretch the youthful mind in all possible directions. Our commitment is to: CREATIVITY - enlargement of the mind through the shattering of familiar boundaries. The use of art to probe beneath the surface - just as in science, but engaging aesthetic tools to interrogate Reality.

We have seen the rottenness of our nation’s poor infrastructure, the political-economy system soaked in blood, a pregnant Nigeria that was forced to deliver corrupt babies against her wish and different sectors of Nigeria economy being depicted in the medium of art by children. 

These children indeed deserve to given a better future, yes, they do!

As we are working tirelessly to deliver #CYIACCorruptionBusters in 42 days, my eyes fixed on a painting in our gallery, it was completed by 10 years old boy from a public school in Badagry, Lagos; my heart bleeds for my great nation!

In his interpretation (as seen in the painting below), the rule of law is caged, ritual killing and lawlessness are prevalent in the land. The faceless giant is sitting comfortably on the country’s resources whilst masses shed tears of blood. He said in a loud voice as he was narrating his piece “the leaders know the giants, they are camouflaged, find and punish them to free my nation, so that rule of law and law of impunity can prevail in our land”.

Big thanks to our own Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka for the yearly theme that point our team in the right direction.

Watch out for the Premiere of CYIAC Corruption Busters (CCB) movie series. CCB will be launched on December 9, 2017 to mark United Nation International Anti-Corruption Day, at the Filmhouse IMAX Cinema, Lekki. #UnitedAgainstCorruption

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