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Please, ensure you read the information below before you proceed to registration page

Creative Youth Initiative Against Corruption is proud to host a yearly Creative Challenge that invites Children and Youth to make, create and innovate via the medium of Arts, Science and Information Technology. The theme of 2018 edition is "IMAGINE A WORLD FREE FROM CORRUPTION"

The objective of this challenge is to promote creativity, develop talents and build confidence whilst encouraging culture of integrity amongst children and youth. At CYIAC, all participants are provided with capabilities they require to become economically productive, develop sustainable livelihoods, contribute to peace, justice and strong institutions and take bold steps in creating the future they desire through creative thinking and innovation.

Whilst CYIAC Creative Challenge projects is Children and Youth driven, their sustainable creative ideas, innovation and products will impact the society in general.

CYIAC participants will express their vision through the medium of Painting, Literary Arts, Music, Dance, Digital Communication, Entrepreneurship, sustainable housing, Innovation and Information Technology.

Our goal is to utilize out platform to build the world largest entrepreneurs, innovators and thinkers with integrity that will shape the horizon of Africa in 2030.


Why should I be part of CYIAC Creative Challenge?

You might be wondering if this is worth your time. Well, here are some of the reasons to participate:
1. You will most likely enjoy the process of designing your own project (self-directed projects).
2. You'll enjoy sharing and networking with other Creative Challenge participants. It's really fun to see how people interpret the same topic in different ways.
3. You could begin your journey to the land of creativity by interpreting the given theme through the medium of painting, music composition, science experiment, creation of a dance style, invent a sustainable solution to global issues, use the power of information technology to solve problems and others. Since this project is children and youth driven, we hate to limit the imagination. Just think!
4. Your creativity will be showcased through different platforms and promoted to attract sponsors and fund providers.
5. Your entrepreneurial journey begins with your creativity, passion and zeal to succeed.
6. Additional opportunities available for creative girls to join our Techy Girls Club .
7. The prize and rewards for outstanding projects will spring a surprise, designed to encourage future contestants in the re-formulation of the knowledge of their own world.
8. Most importantly, the world is waiting for your ideas towards achieving sustainable development goals in 2030.

Okay, I'm in! What do I need to do?

1. Study the registration details on CYIAC website:
2.Think critically to evaluate the topic.
3. Start writing, edit as much as you can. Make sure that your write up is a reflection of your project idea.
4. Register and submit.
5. Keep your write up and study for your interview.
6. You will have opportunity to share it at the CREATIVE LAB if you qualify.
7. We will handle the rest for you.

Got it! Can you give us some ideas to help us get started?

1. Develop your write up based on your talent, passion and knowledge.
2. Don't be limited by your knowledge, make research!

What do I need for the interview?

1. You need confidence, originality and boldness to scale through.
2. Information will be communicated to you via phone contact provided.

What do I need at the Creative Lab?

1. All materials will be provided by CYIAC InnoCreativa Team. Ensure you indicate your creative requirements once you qualify as finalist.

What happens if I'm not qualified?

Registration automatically qualifies you as CYIAC member. You will have opportunity to be selected for seminars, leadership training, train the trainers programme, community development programme and other CYIAC programmes.

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