Youth innovation

  An anti-corruption initiative to build a nation we want through sustainable creative development in children and youth. Our strategy is in line with Principle Ten (10) of United Nations Global Compact.

CYIaC will achieve culture of integrity and a nation free from corruption through educational development in Literary Arts, Paintings, Digital Communication, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Information Technology.

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Facts about us


CYIaC is committed to lead change in children and youth by eradicating corruption through character (attitude) and skill (aptitude) development for the positive advancement of our great Nation.


To prevent corruption from the root by exposing the ills of corruption to children and youths through sustainable education and creative developments.


Creative Youth Initiative against Corruption (CYIaC) is a corruption prevention initiative of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission developed and powered by Creative Youth Community Development Initiative. Our mandate is to kill corruption from the root through active engagement with children, youth and other stakeholders


To encourage children and youth to take bold steps in creating the future they desire through creative thinking and innovation

Corruption Busters


The CYIAC Creative innovation “CYIAC Corruption Busters" is our contribution towards achieving global goals in 2030. Our target towards the bold ambition of riddling our communities from corruption will be delivered through educational development in Literary Arts, Music, Dance, Paintings, Digital Communication, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Information Technology.
The Corruption Busters, based on the creative development of children and youth will be launched on December 9, 2017 to mark UN International Ani-Corruption Day. The series will be available for download of CYIAC App from December 9.  

Idea and Innovation Corner

Children and Youth are untapped arsenal in the war against corruption that have been ignored for too long, therefore the aim of CYIaC is to root out corruption by teaching them to recognize, reject and condemn the menace of corruption through education and creative thinking.

At CYIaC, children and youth are encourage to take bold steps in creating the future they desire through creative thinking and innovation.



Our Five Innovation principle is built on Make, Create and Innovate approach; it all starts from an idea!


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Development Centre

Innovation Centre- Networking and development of Creative Ideas.


Training and Presentation of Creative Ideas.


Participate in one-on-one interview with CYIaC Experts


Submit creative Ideas based on given theme..

Creative ideas are specifically packaged to engage governmental and corporate organisations, media, educators and other stakeholders in different sectors of our Nation economy.

Support and Partnership

The pilot project of CYIaC was supported by Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, the Consulate General of Federal Republic of Germany and Nigeria Stock Exchange. We require more support in the following areas:
Donation of Computers and Laptops to facilitate our training
Donation of Tablets for Integrity Ambassadors to facilitate special training for CYIaC trainers



We are building the largest community of children and youth committed to lead change in Nigeria and Africa.

Join us

Registration opens on November 15, 2017. Participants between ages 9-14 and 15-25years in primary, secondary or tertiary institutions within the six geopolitical zone of Nigeria will be considered for application.